The stables


Our stables include:

- barn where all the horses can have their heads out
- outdoor school 80x100m with a show jumping course up all year round
- 2 indoor schools
- 6 horse walker-lunge ring
- individual paddocks
- cross country training course 
- tacking up/grooming stalls with solarium
- smithy
- large parking area


50 ha of fields
12 large looseboxes for foals and retired horses
Small indoor school to let them out


to find us

6 Rue Hoboval
4550 Villers le Temple
Liège  Belgium


Standard livery

This includes:

- stable with door to outside
- straw every morning
- hay  24/7 “all you can eat”
- use of all the facilities
- optional individual “terrace” for each horse
- possibility of additional paddock

Cost: 500€ excl. VAT

Working livery

This is a standard livery with:

- your horse worked as, when and how you would like.
- coaching at home and at shows if you wish.
In other words, we take care of the day-to-day management of your horse.

Cost: 700€ excl. VAT

Livery for foals, broodmares and pensioners

We manage your horses from A to Z, they are kept in small groups depending on age/sex and friendships, in 5* conditions be it summer or winter.

Cost: 250€ excl. VAT


our facilities

It is possible to hire our outdoor and indoor schools, as well as the cross country fences.

Cost: 20€/horse

It is also possible to arrange teaching.



Macel Saddler
Macel saddler’s is a strong proponent of 100% French manufacturing in order to ensure a quality product and preserve know-how. Their saddles all come from one single workshop, produced from start to finish by the same artisans, allowing for tight quality control and flawless knowledge of their products.
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